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Redwood and Catalpa

Posted on: December 16th, 2013 by Brian Hopkins

Redwood, MCSR’s 8 year old SGI Altix 3700, is no longer accepting new jobs.  Jobs currently running on the system will be allowed to continue until the end of the year.  Users will need to offload data by mid-January when the machine will be shut down.

This system has been very productive for researchers in Mississippi and we are sorry to see it go.  But it is now obsolete, and its continuing productivity is no longer sufficient to justify the expense of operating it.

We understand that this is a loss, but we have good news.  MCSR’s newest HPC server, catalpa, is ready for use. Catalpa is an SGI UV 2000 with 128 compute cores and 1TB of shared memory; you can think of it as “like redwood but better in every way.”

We are prepared to help you move your work from redwood to catalpa.  All of the applications currently on sequoia are already present on catalpa and ready to use.  Anything you’ve been using on redwood and need installed fresh on catalpa we will be happy to set up for you.

Please contact mcsr staff at with any questions.