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Sequoia Reopened; Important Filesystem Changes

Posted on: July 26th, 2012 by Brian Hopkins

Sequoia, MCSR’s Altix XE Infiniband Cluster, is back in service and available to users.  During the outage, several changes were made to the system:

1.  26 new nodes were added, bringing the total cluster to 124 compute nodes and 1304 compute cores.

2.  The /ptmp filesystem where most users do their work was moved to a new device. The new device offers more space, faster performance, and better reliability relative to the old device.  All user data in /ptmp has been moved over; the change in devices should be completely seamless.  Please do let us know if there’s anything you think we may have missed.

3.  Pursuant to point 2, the /ptmp and /home areas on sequoia are now located on different devices.  This should be familiar to users who have used redwood and earlier systems.  We encourage you to do most of your work in the /ptmp area.

4.  The filesystem that is mounted as /ptmp on sequoia is mounted as /hpc_ptmp on hpcwoods. What this means, in short, is that you can transfer files directly between your computer and sequoia.  Just use command-line or GUI tools to connect to hpcwoods and transfer files in /hpc_ptmp/$USER/file.  Then when you log into sequoia, that same file will be present as /ptmp/$USER/file; there is no need to do any sftp or scp command to move the files between hpcwoods and sequoia.

As always, please contact MCSR Staff at with any questions or concerns.