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Abaqus 6.11

Posted on: August 5th, 2011 by Brian Hopkins

Abaqus 6.11 has been released. MCSR has the disks for this Abaqus 6.11 and has updated the campus license server to support the new version. (Older versions are still supported as well.) Abaqus 6.11 has been installed on sequoia; an example job and PBS script can be found on sequoia in /home/bwhopkin/sample_jobs/sequoia_abaqus_example/6.11/

Under the terms of MCSR’s agreement with Dassault, Abaqus 6.11 can be installed on any computer with a UM property sticker. There are a limited number of concurrent-user license tokens, but this is not usually an issue as total use rarely approaches the concurrent-user limit. If you’re a new or current Abaqus user at UM and would like to use the new version of this program in your teaching or research, contact MCSR staff at